Clients zone

Clients zone


Welcome to our Clients site!


This place is only available to our clients staff members.



Depending on your level, you can:

Regular staffAdministrators staff
See articles published by our customers
See contact informations for a Visard Solutions staff member
See contact information of other members of your group
Modify your own contact informations
Add / modify / delete people belonging to your group
Change global contact informations of your organization (your work unit and the general institution, if applicable)
Write articles about your organization, to the attention of the community
Consult administrative documents related to your contract (Contracts, Licenses, invoices ...)
View and create intervention requests1

* If you want to modify an information that you can not modify directly here, contact a resource person directly, or use our Contact form.

1 Please contact your database administrator for this privilege. Only database administrators can ask us to give you this privilege..



There are two types of possible affiliation links:

Direct link (Attached to): A person employed directly by a Clients department / service.
Eg. Documentation centre Technician, Department Manager, ...


Indirect link (Linked to): A person employed by the client company, not related to  the Cleients department / service.
Eg. IT Technician, contract administrative contact, ...
Or, a person employed under contract by the client company, a  Clients department / service, or Consultant having a contractual relationship.