Visard Solutions inc.
Solutions & services for your documents

Visard Solutions inc.
Solutions & services for your documents

Welcome at Visard solutions

As a specialized company, Visard Solutions proposes a range of software and services covering the various fields of document and knowledge management. Our diverse offers allow us to recommend the best combination of software and services meeting the needs of our customers needs.


You have data to manage? Whether you are an NPO, a small / medium / large business or government entity, we have a solution that will allow you to get there quickly and efficiently!



Indeed, document management covers various applications such as:


 Specialized documentation centres and media libraries

 Public, governmental, school, or enterprise libraries

 Legal documentation

 Public information services

 Publication of information directories on Intranet or Internet

 Resolutions and minutes

 Administrative documents management

 Technical documentation

 Press reviews, marketing intelligence, technology watch

 Administrative customers, products, suppliers, or employees files, and curriculum vitae

 Knowledge management databases (KB)


According to the kind of processed information and/or expected functions, a particular information management software will be more appropriate than another. In each situation, Visard Solutions will recommend the most suitable solution, based on its complementary offer of software in the three principal fields of document management: documentation databases, library management and electronic document management (EDM).

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