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BookWhere Suite includes all of the search, analysis and export features of BookWhere but also lets you edit your records before you import them into your database. The ability to perform simple edits, remove extraneous tags and subfields and add local holdings information at the point of capture can dramatically improve overall copy cataloging workflow.



You can quickly clean up records through your user-defined pre-recorded macros. These routines can be performed against a single record, or a batch of records all at once. Macros can add, remove or append to tags and contain multiple iterations of these commands allowing you to in two quick keystrokes eliminate what might otherwise take multiple time-consuming steps.


Supports multiple formats and character sets

BookWhere Suite supports standard MARC21 and UNIMARC format records with tag and subfield rules and descriptions. It also supports the display and editing of MARC-8 (extended Latin-1, ANSEL), Latin-1 extended and Unicode(TM) character set encoded records. It can manage character encoding conversion of incoming MARC records to match local library system requirements allowing you to convert from MARC-8 to utf-8 easily or vice-versa.


Tag editing

In addition to macros, you can use a Basic or Advanced editor to edit, add or remove manually individual tags and subfields.


Retrospective clean-up

The MARC editing capabilities in BookWhere Suite can be used for more than just retrieved cataloging copy. You can also open MARC records from other sources or extracted from your local system to review and edit.


Enhanced Batch Searching

You can upgrade the basic batch searching feature included with BookWhere and BookWhere Suite to the enhanced level which permits you to perform searches for more than 50 of the same type of data elements at a time (whether they be ISBNs, ISSNs or Titles). You can also import a file of data elements, such as a list of thousands of ISBNs, and then search for them in batch mode.