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Visard Solutions Philosophy

The secret of our success is based on the respect and dedication that we have for our clients. We maintain that this same respect also be shown on the Internet. That's why we continue to respect the confidentiality of any and all personal information that you provide.


This site was created in order to add another facet to our current customer service venues and to bring us closer to you and your interests. Thanks to this tool, we can gather your comments, keep you informed of our new products and offer you even more services than before.


Use of information supplied by Internet users

Information that you provide to us in confidence is valuable and is intended solely for our use. Under any and all circumstances, this information will be treated in such a way as to preserve its confidentiality. Under no pretext will we sell or exchange information gathered through interaction on this site. Furthermore, we will neither accept nor condone the sale or exchange of personal information concerning you to any other party, unless you choose to communicate this information to other parties yourself. Information that we request from you is for the sole purpose of helping us to know you better. We use this information to adapt the content of our site to the profiles of our clients. We ensure that this information is used in order to serve you better. Your e-mail address will be used solely to communicate information about our special offers and new items shown on our site. It will not be divulged to anyone else, nor to any organization, business or other party.


If you do not wish to be part of our mailing list, please indicate this in an e-mail to:


Use of electronically gathered information

"Cookies" technology is largely used on the Internet. It is harmless and in no way can it transmit a virus to your computer. Cookies are one of the operational bases of our interactive site and are essential to its personalization. Be assured that no cookie can be used to identify you.


We also employ a unique type of software that registers the number of visits on each page of our site so we can analyze and evaluate sections which are most likely attuned to your interests. This software in no way allows us to identify you.


Conditions of use for this site

Acceptance of conditions

This site is the property of Visard Solutions Inc. We invite you to therefore carefully review the terms and conditions that follow so you can respect them while using this site. Please note that, in using this site, you accept all present rules and conditions, including any and all limits of responsibility, as well as any further modifications comprised therein. These conditions may change at any time, without written notice, at the discretion of Visard Solutions inc. We therefore suggest that you consult the conditions of use periodically to remain aware of any possible changes made.


Limits of responsibility

You accept that:


  1. all information contained on this site is presented as is, without any guarantee at any time in terms of accuracy, including any implicit guarantee of quality, adaptation or particular usage, in the absence of any falsified information;

  2. text, drawings and graphic elements available on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Some modifications and/or corrections may be made periodically to the information contained within;

  3. neither Visard Solutions Inc., nor its subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, agents and/or its representatives can be held responsible for damages resulting from the use of this site, be they direct or indirect, nor for any products and/or services offered therein, nor for the inability of the user to employ information and/or services presented or offered on this site.



Intellectual property and authorizations

All information published on this site, including, but not limited to, the general nature of that which precedes any text, drawing, graphic element, photograph, logo, icon, code and/or software used or incorporated into this site, as well as the structure and the presentation of the information being published, is the exclusive property of Visard Solutions Inc. and is protected by the rights of the author as well as commercial laws dealing with intellectual property.


Visard Solutions Inc. authorizes the use, copy and distribution of texts, drawings, graphic elements available on this site on the following conditions:


  1. that the mention of the author's rights is included on any and all copies of documents contained within, and that this mention of the author's rights and authorization appears jointly on all documentation;

  2. that texts and graphic elements available on this site be used solely for informational and non-commercial purposes;

  3. that no text document or graphic element on this site be modified in any way; and

  4. that no graphic element available on this site be used, copied or distributed separately from its accompanying text.



Site update

Visard Solutions Inc. may, at any time make modifications to the products and/or programs described in these pages.


Comments and suggestions

Visard Solutions Inc. appreciates any comments or suggestions you may have concerning its products, programs and/or services. We invite you to contact us anytime, via our "Contacts" page. Please note, however, that any comment, suggestion or other communication with Visard Solutions Inc. through this site remains the property of Visard Solutions Inc. and is considered to be non-confidential. Visard Solutions Inc. reserves the right to use and/or reproduce this information for any purpose it deems useful.


Applicable laws

The present rules and conditions in this agreement are governed by the applicable laws in the province of Quebec. By these rules, you recognize that any lawsuit brought forth from, or connected to, the use of Visard Solutions Inc. web site, including the sale of any product through the interaction with this site, will be submitted to the existing tribunals of the district of Montreal in the province of Quebec.