Visard Solutions inc.
Solutions & services for your documents

Visard Solutions inc.
Solutions & services for your documents

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To whom Kentika is intended?


To all those who seek quality of information processing in a simple, flexible and integrated solution!


Information Professionals


You manage a documentation center, a press review service, a library, an archive service, a knowledge management unit: your software must meet your business strict rules and offer products with high added value.


Enterprise management


You are aware of the need to enter the world of information technology but you do not have time to devote to it and you are targeting a quick return on investment?


Organize and update your website

Submit technical documentation to your clients

onitor your competitors' sites

Track mail


Kentika will assist you in integrating these applications into your operational processes.


Legal Management


Kentika can index the legislation, integrate decisions, reference case law.


Simple or complex, todays litigation management involves manipulating masses of documents increasingly important. In some important cases, entire rooms are occupied by parts to be produced at any time.


Kentika has proven itself in both Europe and North America:

Justice departments

Barristers and solicitors Orders

Businesses Legal services

National and international law firms