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Kentika 2.2 Atomic: A new world of possibilities!


Available from Kentika version 2.2, the Atomic interface lets you get more of your software, with a minimum of technical knowledge!


Atomic allows you to define a dynamic portal which "stick" to your graphic charter (homepage, images, news display...). Templates are supplied as standard to manage the look of your interface.

As with the previous standard interface, your site can be divided into areas to provide navigation within a specific content and also help identify multiple user profiles:


The Internet user: it's the "guest" user, unidentified, who would have access to news (public documents) from the database, which may consult the thematic press review, RSS feeds, can choose its display modes, search, create a basket and send his selection by email and/or social networks...

The intranet user: we can give it access to new "areas", a larger documents selection. Can comment, give a note, download search results, create an alert, reserve a book...

The contributor: a "teamwork" management is possible in Kentika. The contributor may choose his current team, view and share documents with his team.

The Manager: can create, edit and delete documents, manage the thesaurus, manage documents loans and returns, manage subscriptions, integrate RSS feeds, view database statistics.

The administrator: manages the data dictionary, defines groups and permissions, create folders. It's the administrator who will define each web spaces content and appearance.


All your most common operations can now be done directly from the web interface!


It is no longer necessary to use a Kentika Client to:

Modify tables and fields structure

Create/edit records

Perform documents loans/reservations, as well as their reminders

Manage your periodicals: subscriptions & budget, numbers reception, missing numbers...

Manage your orders: Budget, received Purchase requests, new orders, supplier reminders...

Manage users: Create/edit, users with overdue loans, most actives ones...


With the help of a Kentika specialist, the possibilities are almost endless!


Tour de France - Fall 2013: More than 140 participants enthusiastically welcomed the Atomic interface! (Read the article, in french)


To view Atomic in action: