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Acquire & publish: Which solution to choose?


Does my software installation involves several departments, several people?

Do I have the necessary IT infrastructure and staff to take care of it?

Would  a 100% decentralized solution (SaaS "Software As A Service") be possible, allowing me to save on maintenance costs?


All these are legitimate questions, and MUST be asked!


Visard Solutions offers various modes of acquisition/hosting of the software solution you have chosen.

These solutions are 100% modular and tailored to suit your current and future needs!


SaaS service: High performance solution directly operational, without technical constraints!

The SaaS (Software as a Service) service is for those who want to take full advantage of all the software possibilities, with minimal technical investment!


  • No license required
  • No problems with installation or configuration: everything is installed on our servers, and easily accessible with your favorite web browser

  • No on-premise action required from us: Your solution is available at any time, from anywhere on the planet!
  • Centralized statistics
  • Ability to query external databases (Z39.50, SOAP, HTML), and derive information (import derived records)
  • Dedicated server for your exclusive use (in option)
  • Use your corporate DNS, or dedicated management of a specific DNS (in option)

Everything you need is access to the Internet!


Your data is always up to date, and accessible according to your access policies (private, public, or by user groups  access...).

You remain the owner of your own data, and can repatriate them locally at any time.

You get a Standalone software license, allowing you to achieve your settings locally to test, before being put into production.

"Classic" Acquisition
100% ownership

Your company controls the whole environment in which your solution is installed and operated


You buy the software and services related to it

You provide the required hardware, via your own technical resources

Your technical staff is responsible of your hardware maintenance (server updates, backups, data accessibility on your network...)



  • 100% ownership: our role is to assist you in using the software
  • You can deploy your solution on the hardware of your choice, wherever you want, with your own policies (levels of security, redundancy servers, shared server with other applications used in your business...)



  • Your company must support all the "technical" aspect, and the costs related thereto (purchase of servers and licenses, maintenance fees and upgrades, backups and data integrity...)
  • You rely on your IT department: server access constraints, maintenance costs, staff availability during on-site maintenance...

"Classic" Acquisition
+ "Turnkey" equipment rental

You want to control the operation of your solution, but without having to worry about the "hardware" part?


You buy the software and services related to it

You use our "Turnkey" equipment service for the "material"



  • You do not have to worry about the technical constraints associated with hardware: the sole responsibility of your IT department is to ensure access to our equipment, installed in your premises
  • You do not have to dispose of the equipment at end of life: we take care of migrating your application



  • Upon hardware failure, the response time may be longer and is dependent on the access that we can have your premises
  • Any changes to the physical environment must be pre-approved by us (change of location of the server, equipment to connect to). Our responsibility is to guarantee the operation of the software on our equipment, and to maintain the data integrity on it.

"Classic" Acquisition
+ Hosting/publishing a copy of your database

Your network structure does not allow you to host your own database web server? You simply want to host your Web catalog on a separate location?


You buy the software and services related to it, install it locally on your own equipment or rent it through our "Turnkey" equipment service

Periodically, you send us a copy of your database so that it is hosted on our servers, thus making it "visible" on the Internet

Dedicated server for your exclusive use (in option)

Use your corporate DNS, or dedicated management of a specific DNS (in option)



  • Your "local" installation does not have to be accessible on the Internet: you can 100% meet security and accessibility constraints  to internal corporate network
  • The hosted copy on our servers is 100% independent of yours: visitors and potential attackers NEVER have access to your local network



  • The database accessible on the Internet is a copy of your local database, it can not be updated in real-time
  • Some functions are limited: Availability of borrowed/reserved documents, new documents added, changes/deletions...

All our servers are located in Montreal, in a reputable and secure data warehouse.