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Kentika : a "multi-level" software


(* Kentika is the successor of  Academus v.6.3x & Alexandrie softwares)


This site is fully managed & rendered with Kentika !


Simple, open, scalable, standards-compliant, Kentika will fit into your organization quickly and become a valuable assistant in everyday life.


By making information easily and quickly access the most diverse available to each member of the company, Kentika contributes to the performance of your organization.



The Kentika trilogies


Unique and multi-faceted software, Kentika offers real scale economies and helps you to efficiently evolve in time.


Document management, content management, electronic document management

Turnkey customizable; programmable

Intranet ; extranet ; internet

Database, web server, desktop tools

Rich client, thin client,  services oriented architecture




Use, customize, program



Application domains


The software capabilities are extensive, and users have developed applications in the following areas::


Content & electronic documents management

Documentation Centre management

Library/media management

Technological, competitive watch

Knowledge management

Archives service management

Press review

Photo library

Litigation management (lawyers)

Legal Notices

Ressources center

Mail and administrative documents management



Kentika is Windows 8 compatible

Although not being optimized for Windows 8 clean interface, Kentika work just as well as on earlier versions of Windows (Windows 7 & Windows XP), as well on desktop computer than on Tablet*.


Our test: Kentika on Windows 8, virtualised in VMware Workstation 9.0.1


* Note that Kentika is NOT compatible with tablets running Windows RT. The use of a physical keyboard and an external pointing device is recommended.